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  • Is your watch case or band scratched?
  • Is the plating wearing off?
  • Would you like to change the finish color? 
  • Does your watch movement need service too?
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The Time Preserve
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New: You now have the option to order Polishing, Refiishing and Plating for your watches online:

Many times our favorite watches have become worn from years of use.  The gold layer has come off in places showing the base metal underneath.  Sometimes its scratches from accidental contact with other metal or ceramic objects that did the damage.  Even solid gold watches are not immune to scratches though there is no base metal to show through.  Both watch cases and bands can now be refinished to look and perform as good as new through Refinishing and Plating
Refinishing is the process of removing scratches and pits.  Sharpening contours and renewing edges.  This cannot be done quickly by using sand paper and polishing wheels.  It takes a master metal smith with specialized tools, custom paper sticks, and a keen eye.  It takes hours of bench time carefully restoring the original surface appearance that was once there.
Plating is the process of electro-chemical bonding of gold and other precious metals to give the proper color and tone desired.  It also protects the base metal underneath from corrosion and wear.  The plated layer is very hard and able to resist attack far better than base metal and even stainless steel.  It also provides a barrier to harmful metals like Nickel which can cause irritation and allergies.  Even stainless steel contains a considerable amount of Nickel.  Precious Metal Finishes of 12k, 14k, and 18k Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, Ruthenium, and Black Rhodium used to achieve the desired appearance and necessary protection.
Other platers use a thick under-layer of Nickel to better adhere to the base metal or stainless steel case.  The Time Preserve does not use a Nickel layer because it distorts the contour and can cause assembly issues.  It can also result in creating a Nickel allergy problem.  We only use Sold Gold and other Precious metals in our plating layer.  Never Nickel or other base metals.

When repairing case lugs as the one on the right we use only specialized Gold Solder followed by refinishing and plating to make the repair functionally and visually invisible. (note: stainless steel case lugs cannot be reattached)

Museum Grade  Watch Restoration


If you watch movement also needs service we can do that as well.  Our partners at Budget Accutron Service provide any and all movement service needs while your case and band are being restored.  (All watch movement types except digital ).  
Rolex 722 movement repair at the time preserve

 Restoration, Repair and Plating Services


Not every watch is suitable for restoration.  Watches made from Aluminum or having black coatings cannot be processed.  Black, PVD or DLC coatings cannot be easily removed and plating will not bond to them. Even some watches which look like Gold or Rose Gold may in fact be PVD coatings of Titanium Nitride.  Usually it's less expensive and newer watches which may have these coatings.

If your watch has this kind of coating we will let you know about it and only charge the cost of return shipping.
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Technology and Craftsmanship

The Time Preserve watch plating


We've been Servicing and Restoring electric and mechanical watches since 1995. Through the years we've developed unique procedures and processes to fix and restore the watches that others have given up on. Our skill goes well beyond the service manuals and instructions supplied by the OEMs. Being trained engineers, we utilize the operational principles of the Electro-chemistry, metalsmithing and movement designs to advance the level of service only we can provide.

We understand and respect the emotional and historical value of the watches in your collection. We treat them with the same care and pride that you have as the owner. Our work is warranted 2 years for finish quality and proper time keeping.
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A few of the watches we have Refinished, Polished, Plated and Restored

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  • Worlds first Gold Plated Apple Watch The Time Preserve
  • Rose Gold plated Apple Watch the time preserve
  • 18k Gold plated diamond polished band apple watch The Time Preserve
  • Gold plated Apple Watch with Gold Shogun Charm Link The Time Preserve
  • Gold plated Apple Watch with Gold Shogun Charm Link The Time Preserve
  • Accutron 218 polished case and band The Time Preserve
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