Available Finishes:

Gold We can match your original gold finish, or use any of the following Yellow Gold Karats: 10K, 12K, 14K, and 18K.

10k gold the time preserve
10K (typical hamilton gold)
14k gold the time preserve
18k gold the time preserve

White Gold (Rhodium)

Mirror-Like.  The brightest silver finish

rhodium finish

Rhodium Finish

rhodium nugget

Rhodium Nugget

rhodium coin

Rhodium Coin

Palladium Silvery-White.  The 2nd brightest silver finish.

palladium plating

Palladium Finish

palladium nugget

Palladium Nugget

palladium ingot

Palladium Ingot

Platinum Gray-White. 'the 3rd Brightest silver color.

platinum watch

Platinum Finish

platinum metal the time preserve

Platinum Crystals

platinum ingot the time preserve

Platinum Ingot

Ruthenium Dark Gray

Similar to Hematite Jewelry

Omega watch plated in ruthenium the time preserve

Ruthenium Finish

ruthenium metal the time preserve

Ruthenium Metal

ruthenium pellets the time preserve

Ruthenium Pellets

Black Rhodium:
Darkest plating available. Similar to Apple space black.
black rhodium

Black Rhodium Finish

Black Ruthenium Metal: Not found in nature

black rhodium ring

Black Rhodium Ring

Rose Gold (Rich pink tone) Like Copper

rose gold watch

Rose Gold Finish

rose gold apple watch the time preserve

Rose Gold Plated Apple Watch

rose gold ring
Chrome plating.
 This is not offered, because of the porous nature of chrome, and poor durability on watches. It is also a very toxic process. Instead we utilize Rhodium plating which does not suffer from these issues. Rhodium is the brightest metal - more so than chromium. It is used on all the shiny "white Gold" jewelry you see in stores.New Paragraph
worn chrome plating on watch The Time Preserve
chrome plated LED watch The Time Preserve
chromium crystals the time preserve

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